Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter and 15 months

Easter is one of my two favorite holidays. I love this time of year because it reminds me of rebirth as I watch the plants and trees blooming again and of course I love the warmer weather. I also have very fond memories of spending Easter Sundays at my grandpa and grandma's house with all my cousins. I especially loved it when the older kids would go hide the Easter eggs for all us youngster and to this day I can remember the excitment I felt each time I found one and wondering if it contained candy or money. What great memories! To carry on the tradition we hope to hide some eggs for Makenna at my parents this weekend and we might just fill some with money and some with candy. While this is Makenna's 2nd Easter she was only a little over two months old last year, so this will be the first one where she is able to do things so we are really looking forward to celebrating this special holiday with her.

But more importantly, I love celebrating Easter because on what Christ did for all of us and I am reminded (and scared) of what my life would be like if he chose not to die on Calvary 2000 years ago for me. One of my favorite songs to sing this time of year is the Wonderful Cross. I found this video on YouTube and wanted to share it : Enjoy.

In other news, Makenna turned 15 months old yesterday. I can't believe how fast she is growing. Just within the past few weeks her vocabulary has increased and she has added words like bear, baby, where go, and she now clearly says thank you. She also walks herself to her bedroom when we tell her is time for a nap or bedtime. It is so cute and Justin and I have referred to it as her "walk of shame" because the hangs her head and acts so sad when she has to go to bed. Yesterday, she had her 15 month well child check-up and everything was good, except for her weight. She is just now tipping the scale at 20 lbs., but the doctor wasn't too concerned because she is still on the chart (but just barely) and Dr. Hampton told us that since she is so active she is burning all her calories. However, she did suggest that I get some Carnation instant breakfast to put in her milk to maybe give her a boost.

Happy Easter!