Saturday, October 5, 2013

Life Lately...A Photo Dump

Makenna on her first day of kindergarten--she loves school and has been blessed with a wonderful teacher
My first made from scratch apple pie of the season

Makenna with her "All About Me" poster she did for her kindergarten open house

Batman--Beckham loved his Batman mask he received from a McDonalds Happy meal (note: the only reason the kids got happy meals was because Makenna's school was having McTeacher night and we stopped by to support them.)

Makenna wanted a picture taken with Beckham while we were waiting in the car for Justin.  He went in to a store to buy some coffee--shocking. :)

A craft Makenna and I made together a few weeks ago.  A pumpkin made out of canning jar lid rims.  So cute and so easy.
Makenna wrote this for her free-write the other day at school.  She is so sweet and she wrote it all by herself.  To clarify, it does say 32, not 35, the 2 is just backwards.
My beautiful birthday flowers from my awesome husband.
Two of my current two favorite things--my new tea brewer from Teavana with their Pumpkin Spice Brulee tea.  Perfect fall beverage.