Tuesday, September 20, 2011

May I...

The circumstances Justin and I have faced or people close to us have faced over the past week have really made me reflect on how much I worry about the small things in life and get a "woe is me" attitude.  So, if nothing else but to remind us to be grateful for what we have I want to get the following list down in writing.

1.  Instead of feeling like a failure as a parent because Makenna got a naughty note sent home for pinching a friend in the face at preschool, may I instead learn to appreciate and acknowledge the developmental, intellectual and spiritual progress and growth I see daily in both of my children.  May I also remember to thank God daily that he chose me to be Makenna and Beckham's mom--what an incredible gift!

2.  Instead of constantly worrying about the balance of our bank accounts, may I instead be thankful that God meets each and every one of our needs.

3.  Instead of complaining about the tons of tasks, etc. that are involved in my job, may I instead be thankful just to have a job that also comes with a high degree of job security.  May I also remind myself that I have a wonderful group of co-workers, several of whom are my closest friends.

4.  Instead of getting annoyed when Justin forgets to do something the is on his "honey-do" list, etc., may I instead be thankful that I have a husband that loves me and our children unconditionally and that we have a stong family that is centered around our Heavenly Father.

5.  Instead of getting annoyed by the seasonal allergies I suffer from, may I instead be reminded that I don't have a life-threatening illness or disability, nor does anyone in my family.  They to shall pass.

6.  Instead of trying to control every single aspect of my life, may I instead surrender everything to Him who deserves my complete devotion, admiration, love, etc. 

7.  Instead of worrying about turning the big 3-0 next week, may I instead use this milestone to reflect on the past three decades of my life, learn from the mistakes I have made, and look forward and make goals for the remaining ones I have left here on this earth.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

1st Soccer Game

Here are some pictures from Makenna's first soccer game. Overall, she did pretty good--there were just a few times she was in la-la land and not paying attention.