Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter and Soccer

Easter weekend was pretty fun and eventful for us.  The week before we attended an Easter bash in Bolivar put on by my childhood church and the kids had fun hunting for eggs.

 Justin helping B hunt for eggs.

 Makenna gathering her eggs.

Easter morning was spent in Bolivar because Justin and I got back home from Kansas City late on Saturday. (More on that here in a minute).  Both kids really enjoyed what the Easter bunny left for them and between that and what family members gave them they are well stocked on sweets until they are both teenagers.  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but they got a lot!!!  We had a wonderful time of worship and a tremendously powerful message at church and then just spent the remainder of the day relaxing and playing with the kids. 

 Makenna loved her new Baby Alive doll.

 Beckham with his Easter basket.

 The best picture I could get with both of them.

 Makenna was so excited to get Bambi.

 Our sweet little boy.

As I mentioned above Justin and I spent part of the weekend in Kansas City.  We had absolutely nothing on our agenda besides the main reason we went and it was a great time.  So, why did we go?  Here is the reason...

Our first MLS game--Sporting KC vs. LA Galaxy.  And here is one of the reasons I was so excited...
 My soccer man, Landon Donovan.  My other soccer man David Beckham also plays for the galaxy, but he was injuryed and wasn't there. :(

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photos with Bunnies

As promised, here are some of the pictures with the bunnies. Both kids absolutely loved playing and taking pictures with them.  It has become such a fun family tradition.

This picture, similar to the one above, was taken in 2010.
So fun to compare how she has changed.