Thursday, July 26, 2012

Traveling with Kids

Thank goodness for Pinterest!  I have found some wonderful ideas that I have done to help us prepare for vacation and I am hopeful that they will be worth the time it took to prepare.  First off, I did that whole "put one outfit in a Ziploc" idea.  I am not sure it it really saved any suitcase space, but it will be nice for the kids to just grab a bag and put the clothes on instead of me having to find an outfit for them.  The other idea that I am very proud of is the snack boxes for the kids.  We went to Michaels and got craft storage boxes (it is easier if you find the ones that have the removable parts so you can adjust the size of the sections) and some stickers.  We then headed home and we had "craft time" and the kiddos decorated their boxes.  Makenna and Beckham both had a blast doing this and I must admit that I did, too.  And, yes, I did help Beckham with his and I did put the letters on for them.

After the kids went to be I packed the boxes with snacks.  This is where it is helpful if you get the boxes with adjustable sections because I was able to make them bigger if needed.  Believe it or not there are 12 snacks in each box and I made bags to refill them as well. 

You don't have to put the snacks in individual bags, but I did so that the kids can just take out a snack of their choice and then put the box away.  I am hoping this will prevent fighting over snacks or accusations that someone at someone else's part of the snack.  Both kids are super excited about the boxes.  I will let you know how they work, but I must go finish packing.  T-minus 20 hours and we're 'Bama Bound!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

T-minus 3 weeks until...

And we cannot wait!!!