Monday, March 26, 2012

Break, Soccer, Bunnies, Change, etc. = A Busy Life

Whew.  These past few weeks have been so busy that if feels like we have barely had a chance to breathe.  Over spring break, we were able to just relax and do some fun things together as a family, including going to the Discovery Center, shopping in Branson, playing outside, and just spending time together.

Makenna has once again begun soccer practice and her first game is this Saturday.  We know don't have a free Saturday in April or May, but she loves to get out there and play and we definitely enjoy seeing her and her teammates play.  I will be sure to post some pictures of her playing.

This past Saturday, the kids also had their annual pictures taken with real bunnies and once again, they loved this.  It have become one of our favorite holiday traditions.  I haven't had time to edit the pictures, but I will definitely post them as soon as I do.

And perhaps the biggest thing that has happened to our family over the past month is that we have decided, after a lot of prayer and reflection, to change churches.  This was a difficult decision for us because of the relationships we had built with people from our previous church, but we felt God was leading us elsewhere and thankfully after just attending a few churches we feel like we have found a good fit for us--a church that has an exegentical approach to the Word and has a desire to be a presence in the community to advance the gospel.  Also, as a plus, both kids really enjoy the kids activities and the worship is also outstanding.  We knew this church had to be doing things right because they have around 700 weekly attenders after a little over 2 years of existence and we are very excited to see how God utilizes us in this great body of Christ.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

T minus 42 hours...

until a long week break!!!  We don't have much planned other than cleaning, getting clothes/baby gear ready for a consignment sale, and doing a few fun things as a family.  I also hope to take the kiddos on a photo shot to get some updated pics--I have definitely been slacking in this department.  Thankfully, Justin also has three days off next week so it will be nice just to spend some quality time together.