Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello 2010-Part 2

Yes, you read the title correctly.  I have told Justin and I want to be open and honest about the fact that I refuse to believe that 2011 is upon us and I will just pretend like it is still 2010.  Why you might ask?  Well mainly because yours truly will be turning the be 3-0 (it pains me to even type that), but also because at the end of the said year that doesn't exist in my mind I will have an almost 4 year old and a 1 year old.  YIKES!!!  I simply can't believe that because before we know it we will be welcoming 2012. 

In all seriousness, while I am not looking forward turning 30, I am excited to see what the new year will bring.  Hopefully I will achieve some of my goals, including running my first organized 5k, reading the entire Bible, learning how to be a better wife and mom, beginning our "dream vacations" fund, etc.  We will celebrate our little girl's 3rd birthday and our little man's first, I will complete my 6th year of teaching, we will celebrate our 6th anniversary, Justin will continue his hobby of referring soccer, Makenna will begin preschool (if she gets a spot), and so much more.  It will be a busy, but rewarding year I am sure, but I will still view it as 2010 Part 2.

Here is a recap of 2010 that we sent out in our Christmas cards.  I will get holiday pictures posted as soon as I get them edited.  Happy New Years!

It’s hard to believe it’s the time of year
To send out our annual holiday greetings and cheer
The Coffer Family has had a very eventful 2010
Without any further adieu our year in review we shall begin
The new year began with temperatures quite blustery and chilly
But cancelling Makenna’s 2nd birthday party to us would be silly
Family and friends gathered at our house for presents and cake
More room for her new toys we did have to make

In February we found out we were expecting another bundle of joy
And in June we found out our second child would be a boy
Makenna cried when she learned she wasn’t getting a sister
But she soon became excited about our new little mister

Most of the year was spent preparing for the baby’s arrival
We knew with 2 kids our new motto would simply be “survival”
Makenna got a big girl room and she loved that it was new
We painted her old room brown, green, and blue

This summer we took a vacation to Chicago by train
Some rest and relaxation before the baby we were hoping to gain
We visited many sites and good food we did eat
The pizza at Lou Malnati’s just couldn’t be beat

This year we truly learned the Lord gives and takes away
For my grandmother passed away one October day
We said good-bye just a few weeks before the baby’s due date
Explaining death to Makenna was as task we certainly did hate

Makenna became a big sister on October 25, 2010
We decided to name her baby brother Beckham Glen
Our lives have greatly changed since that great day
However, we definitely wouldn’t want it any other way

Makenna has become a spunky little two year old
And sometimes directions repeatedly she must be told
She is definitely excited about the holiday season
And we think getting presents just might be the reason

Beckham is a very charming little fellow
He takes after his father and is quite mellow
We enjoy seeing him continuously develop and grow
Sweet little faces he is now beginning to show

We celebrated our fifth anniversary in November
Our wedding day is one we will always remember
During our marriage we’ve grown to love each other more
And we’ve learned our dependency on each other we just can’t ignore

I am still teaching 7th grade math—I’ve completed five years
And unfortunately this year has brought me some stress and some tears
Writing assessments and redoing curriculum became one of my tasks
For standardized test scores are very important to some if you ask

Justin still works at Jack Henry and loves working with banks
He helps them fix financial issues and gets many thanks
His company moved into a bigger building in mid-summer
He was one vacation during the big move; to him it was no bummer

We hope your holidays are merry and bright
And that all your festivities turn our just right
While we celebrate may we remember the real Christmas story
About Jesus, our Savior, and all of His glory

We wish you many blessings as we begin a new year
Please cherish all the memories with those you hold dear
We are next year’s greetings we will have stories galore
As we review our first full year as a family of four

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beckham's Newborn Pictures

A Few Videos

Here are a few videos from yesterday.  The first one is of Beckham smiling and laughing.  We were a bit late to get out the camera, but we still captured him in a happy mood.  He is really beginning to develop a personality and has some very animated facial expressions at times.  Makenna loves it when he laughs and smiles and she always says, "Hey, he's happy!"

This video is of Makenna singing part of I Want a Hippopotomus for Christmas.  She usually does a better job, but she still did good for not having any music and for only being 2-years old.  Please ignore the runny nose, but we wanted to video her while she was willing to sing for the camera.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Preparations

Wow!  It has been a crazy, busy past week.  I returned to work last Monday to tie up loose ends at the end of the semester and to do grades, so I haven't had time during the day to post, etc.  We also had something every night last week so it really seemed like we didn't have time to do much.  Thankfully, my school dismissed for Christmas break on Friday, so I have two full weeks off until I go back on January 3rd.  Yesterday, we had our first Christmas celebration with my mom's side of the family.  Makenna always enjoys playing with all her cousins.  Because the family is so large due to many of us being married with kids we don't do gifts, so I was very curious when I saw my mom carrying in gift boxes.  After we ate she passed them out and in the boxes were these:

Aprons--but not just any apron.  They had a recipe of my Grandma's on it written in her handwriting.  It was a special gift.

After our family Christmas, Santa made a special visit to Makenna and Beckham at Nana and Papa's house.  Makenna was so surprised.

This week we are finishing up all the last minute shopping and getting ready for all the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities.  Here are a few pictures we have taken over the past week or so.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Song

While it's not a traditional Christmas song, this has become one of our favorite holiday songs--it truly tells the true meaning of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Many Kings

I heard this song yesterday on the radio and all I can say is that I LOVE it.  The lyrics really made me take note of the true meaning of this holiday season and the sacrifice that was made for us.

Makenna's 2nd and Beckham's First Meeting with Santa

Just wanted to share...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Makenna's Message from Santa

Oh my goodness!  I just made this for Makenna and it is too cute not to share--plus it was free, which if you know me is one of my favorite words.  This is so much better than her receiving a letter from St. Nick in the mail.  I highly recommend this to anyone with small children, nieces, nephews, etc. Click the link to watch her video.

She is napping right now, but we plan to show it to her when she gets up.  She is going to go CRAZY!  We will definitely post the video. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Post with Tons of Pictures

Makenna and Justin hanging out

Our little turkey on Thanksgiving

Look at those bright eyes

Makenna and Beckham louging watching Charlie Brown at Nana and Papa's--Makenna have recently found a love of Charlie Brown

Another cute picture

Beckham with his great-granddad whom he is named after

Both kids with great-granddad

Makenna and Uncle Trent in the tractor bringing a load of soybeans

She is having so much fun

The ride is over--I am so glad Makenna got to do this and now asks when she can ride the tractor again