Monday, July 28, 2014

Makenna's Baptism

We have had a busy summer and I need to get caught up posting all the adventures we have had.  On Father's Day our church held a baptism after our service and Makenna was one of three kids that got baptized.  It was a special moment.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Water Fun

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the kiddos.  Last night Justin's boss invited us over for a World Cup party and the kids got a chance to go swimming.  The older kids found Beckham a life jacket and this is what resulted after he put it on.  He love just floating around like this and I have to admit is was pretty hysterical. You never know what the boy is going to do or say.

And Justin just send me this picture of Makenna.  She started her week-long swim lessons today and Day 1 was a success.


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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Best Mother's Day

Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts in the world.  To be honest, I think it ranks second to the debt Jesus paid for us on the cross.  I have been very fortunate in my life to have the best mom, two extraordinary grandmas who now watch over is from heaven, and countless other women who have served as great motherly role models to me so Mother's Day has always been special to me.  It has become even more special now that I have two wonderful children of my own.  Every time Makenna or Beckham tell me Happy Mother's Day or hand me a homemade card my heart just melts.  And of course, the flowers and others gifts are nice as well, but none of those hold a candle to the Mother's Day gift I received this year.

Today God answer my biggest prayer as a mother and saved our precious daughter today at the end of our church service.  There is nothing more in this world that I want for my kids than for them to have a personal relationship with Jesus and today I got to experience and witness the greatest joy I have had so far as a parent. To God be all the glory.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Makenna's Kindergarten Program

Last Friday was Makenna's kindergarten program, Stone Soup.  She had been telling  us about the program for about two months, told us she had to sing a few things by herself, and we had received a letter from her music teacher about what she needed to wear for the program.  However, we were completely unaware until that evening that Makenna had the main part in the program and was the only child to have a solo.  She did amazing, especially considering she had strep (she had been on antibiotics since the day before) and had had a fever at school that day and I had to pick her an hour early.  My heart sank when I got the call because I didn't think she would be able to attend the program.  I knew she would be devastated after all the work she had done for it, but luckily the school nurse said that she was okay with her going if she felt like it since she had been on antibiotics for nearly 48 hours.  Thankfully her fever went down and she perked up in time for her performance.  She was pretty tired at the end (as evidenced in the last picture), but we are so proud of her.  She now wants to take voice lessons, so we may be checking in to those in the near future.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Go Away Winter!

This is exactly how I feel.  I have never been one to particularly like winter weather and this year I (and the rest of the family) are just tired of it.   We have missed the most days of school in the 9 years of teaching, with the exception of the 2007 ice storm, but we are quickly approaching that record this year.  It is only the first full week of January and we are at 7 days and with a lot of winter ahead of us, that number could easily increase.  We are now at the point that we only have to make-up 1 day for every 2 missed and when we surpass 10 those days are forgiven.  So now, no matter how many additional days we miss, we will only have to add one more day.  The only days off we now are Spring Break, so it is going to be a long 2nd semester.

Tomorrow is Makenna's 6th birthday--UNBELIEVABLE!  She is having a sleepover party with her two best friends who have been in daycare together since they were infants.  We have a full agenda planned with pottery painting, movie watching, pillow fighting, etc. so it is bound to be a great time.