Saturday, February 15, 2014

Makenna's Kindergarten Program

Last Friday was Makenna's kindergarten program, Stone Soup.  She had been telling  us about the program for about two months, told us she had to sing a few things by herself, and we had received a letter from her music teacher about what she needed to wear for the program.  However, we were completely unaware until that evening that Makenna had the main part in the program and was the only child to have a solo.  She did amazing, especially considering she had strep (she had been on antibiotics since the day before) and had had a fever at school that day and I had to pick her an hour early.  My heart sank when I got the call because I didn't think she would be able to attend the program.  I knew she would be devastated after all the work she had done for it, but luckily the school nurse said that she was okay with her going if she felt like it since she had been on antibiotics for nearly 48 hours.  Thankfully her fever went down and she perked up in time for her performance.  She was pretty tired at the end (as evidenced in the last picture), but we are so proud of her.  She now wants to take voice lessons, so we may be checking in to those in the near future.

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