Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our God is Greater

This is a truth that Justin and I have known for most of our lives, but a situation we are currently in has just reminded us of this fact.  About a year ago, we began to feel that maybe the church we had been attending for about 6 years wasn't where God wanted us to be, but we weren't sure if it was simply our dissatisfaction of some things at our church prompting this feeling or if it was something else.  We began to pray about the situation and this past spring we both felt that God was leading us somewhere else.  After much prayer and some reservation on our part, we attended Freshwater Church in my hometown of Bolivar and it has seriously been on of the best decisions we have made in our marriage--or should I say we are thankful God had this plan for us.  Since we began attending this church in March we have been incredibly challenged not only in our own personal walks with Christ, but have also been burdened and gained huge hearts for the people around us and their need for the Gospel.  The church's mission statement is "Glorify God, Advance the Gospel" and we, individually, and as a family have taken this to a new level in our lives.  When we started attending Freshwater we had no clue whether it would become our "home" or not, but God has revealed that this is where he wants our family and he is doing INCREDIBLE things through this congregation that are so exciting. We are now seeing how God is and also praying that he will continue to use us to advance the Gospel.  God is Greater than all of our desires, wants, and dreams, and let me just say He never ceases to amaze us.  There is so much more to this story and I will be sure to share as it all unfolds.