Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer So Far

Technically, I won't begin my summer break for a few more weeks, but so far all I can say is that we have been keeping ourselves busy.  I (and Makenna) are halfway through summer school and are looking forward to some rest and relaxation during the month of July.  Here are some tidbits of what's been going on in the Coffer world:
-As mentioned above, Makenna has been going to summer school and is loving it.  It is in the building she will be attending in the Fall and she is really enjoying learning about her new school and making new friends.
-Beckham is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Justin took PTO last week and worked with him during the day and thankfully he decided he is ready to get rid of diapers.  
-Makenna attended soccer camp with the club she played for in the Spring and will be going to try-outs tomorrow morning and Monday evening.  We still aren't convinced that soccer is going to be her thing (and we are completely ok with that), but at her age all that matters is that she is having fun and she certainly is. 
-After severe stomach pain for the past week and being convinced to go to the doctor by myself and some co-workers, Justin has been diagnosed with diverticulitis.  The current course of treatment is antibiotics, but if those don't work he will go in for some more in-depth testing.
-Since we went to Chicago over spring break we arent' taking a big summer vacation this year, but we are going to spend some time at Lake of the Ozarks in July for Justin's birthday.  We are all looking forward to this little getaway.
-In the next week or so we are going to take both kids to see the movie Monsters University.  We weren't sure if Beckham would be able to sit through a movie at a theater or not, but since he LOVES Monsters, Inc. and can recite it by heart, we think he will be engaged enough to make it.  We shall see.
-I am currently making a schedule for the month of July of activities the kids and I can do.  So far on the list we have weekly storytime at the library, the zoo, the Discovery Center, picnics and playing at local parks, craft time at home, and swimming.  We hopefully can also arrange some fun play dates with friends so I believe we will have plenty to keep us busy.