Sunday, December 8, 2013


I know it has been a while, but life has continued on for us.  Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone and we are now in the midst of the Christmas season.  We are having a great time making memories of our holiday traditions, as well as establishing some new traditions as a family.  Art, our elf, returned a few weeks ago, and the kids think he is pretty cool.  We had planned on going to Silver Dollar City today, but due to the weather we have postponed that until next weekend.  This week, we have holiday baking and visiting Santa are on our agenda as well as a lot of other holiday activities.  I will be sure to post some pictures.

Aside from the holidays, the kiddos are growing each day and we are amazed at how they continue to grow. Beckham is no longer a toddler and his vocabulary and speech have sky-rocketed within the past month.  He talks like a little child and it is so funny to hear what he says.  He also continues to be a ham and keeps us constantly laughing.  Makenna is LOVING school and we couldn't be happier with how her kindergarten year is going.  She does well in all areas, but reading has been her strength.  We went to a book sale this weekend and she picked out some chapter books to begin reading and I was pretty excited because they were some of my favorite books as a child.  We are reading through them together (she reads a page and then I read a page) and it has been great and moments I will cherish forever.  Thankfully, my mom kept all of my childhood books so I will be going through them soon and picking out some for Makenna. :)

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