Monday, December 29, 2008

More Christmas Pictures

Makenna and Uncle Trent riding in G-Gma's Christmas present--a Jazzy chair
Opening presents

Makenna with the birthday cake for Jesus

Makenna playing with her new toys

Makenna and Daddy opening presents

Still opening

Makenna with Great-Granddad Glen

Makenna playing with cousin Nolan

Makenna's First Christmas

We can't believe that the holiday season has come and gone. It simply went by way too fast for our family, but we enjoyed all the time spent with family and friends. Makenna, of course, got way too much stuff and she will get more for her birthday in just a few weeks. We now understand what others have been telling us about running out of room to put everything!

Makenna is also teething right now so she wasn't feeling her best during Christmas, but overall she did pretty good. She got one of her front teeth and the other is on its way. She did better than I did due to the fact that I had a stomach bug that lasted 5 days. Today is the first day since Christmas Eve that I have felt okay and I pray that it continues. I also pray that Makenna's teeth pop in soon because I know her poor gums hurt--she has five knots on them.

We hope to have a great week as we ring in the new year and reflect on all the blessings we have been given in 2008. We are also preparing for the big birthday on the 10th. It is hard to believe Makenna is almost 1!

Makenna with her cousin Laynie

Makenna with all of her 3rd cousins on the Murray side except for 2

Family Picture

Makenna with a bow on her head

Rocking in her favorite chair at her G-Gma's

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hiding and Parties

The Coffer residence has been quite busy this week. We have had several things to do this week that have kept us busy, but the one thing we weren't expecting to do was locate everything Makenna has hidden. Yes, that is right--she is into hiding everything now. I have found the remote control in a desk drawer, her Christmas bear in a baking dish in the china cabinet, and her socks in the trash can and a towel drawer. She has also learned to say her name. When she sees herself in a mirror or in a picture she gets very excited and says, "Nanenna." It is so cute!

One thing that I got to do this week was attend my dear friend, Lauren's, first annual cookie exchange. Twelve girls gathered at her house to exchange cookies and recipes and to just fellowship with one another. It was a fantastic time and I have several new cookies recipes I am going to make here soon.

We are hoping to get some Christmas pictures taken soon, so we will be sure to post them when we do.

Monday, December 1, 2008

'Tis the Season

Well, it is now that time of year that we must try to keep our almost 1-year old out of the Christmas decorations. I was very concerned about her getting into the tree or pulling the stocking off the mantle, but she doesn't even seem interested in touching them at all. All she does it look at the treeand say, "Wow!" and I don't even think she has realized the stockings. However, she does like to get into these cute little boxes that I stack beside the fireplace. I can't tell you how many times we have had to pull her away from them in the 24 hours we have had them out. But to look on the positive side, I would rather she be into those instead of the tree. We had a great time decorating our home as a family this year and we are looking forward to this first holiday season as parents. It will be neat to see Christmas again through the eyes of a child. Justin has already told me that I am going way too far with all of it this year, but I just can't help myself. I know Makenna doesn't really understand the concept of Santa and all the holiday jazz, but I just explained to Justin that this is my "trial run" because next year she will understand. He laughed at me the other night as I was wrapping some gifts and I was planning out what paper to use for which presents. He looked at me and said, "Just wrap the gifts," but I had to explain to him that there needed to be some thought put into what I did. I told him that I couldn't wrap Makenna's presents from us in the same paper I wrap her presents from Santa. While I like to think I have an exceptionally bright child, I know good and well she won't realize that presents that are from her parents and Santa are wrapped in the same paper and figure out that we are Santa. However, like I said, this is my practice year and I have to get used to having a child now and all that goes into the holiday season. (And just in case you are wondering, I wrapped her presents from Santa in Santa paper and her other ones are wrapping in this cute little paper with Christmas bears on them.) I will try to post some pictures soon.