Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Fun Beginning to Spring Break

Yesterday afternoon I noticed a bump on Makenna's arm that looked like a bug bite and I didn't worry too much about it since she had played outside yesterday morning. However, by the time we got her ready for bed last night she was broken out all over, so this morning Justin took her to the doctor once again. I had a dentist's appointment (more about that here in a minute) so I couldn't go. Well, it turns out she had a reaction to the antibiotics she was on for her ear infection. We have been to the doctor more in the past month, but hopefully this will be the last trip for a while--besides her check-up.

As I mentioned above, I went to the dentist this morning. I hadn't been in a while because I was scheduled to go about the time I found out I was pregnant and I have since just been putting it off. So, considering it had been over two years since I had seen a dentist I could say that it went pretty good overall, however, they did suggest that I have my wisdom teeth removed because one has a cavity and that they are prone to infection. However, the dentist said that there really isn't any rush to have that done, so I will probably put it off as long as possible. They also suggested that I have a consultation with an orthodontist about the possibility of getting a bottom retained to correct on overbite. I will probably have the consultation sometime just to see how much it would cost and what the consequences would be if I did nothing, but once again I will probably postpone that as long as I can.

We only have two more days until we head down to Branson. I just hope Makenna's rash clears up so that we can all enjoy our time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break and Vacation

Spring Break is almost her for me and a week long vacation has finally arrived for Justin. Unfortunately, I have to make-up a day of school missed for snow on Monday, but the rest of this coming week is going to be filled with relaxation, family fun and I am sure some basketball watching. (Just an FYI: I am currently beating Justin with our brackets.) Oh, and a there is a trip to the dentist thrown into the mix, too. Thursday through Saturday we are going to Branson and staying in a condo on the lake with my family. Justin hopes to get in some fly fishing and I hope to get in some good outlet mall shopping. We are really looking forward to the trip and we will be sure to post pictures afterwards.

In other exciting news, I found out yesterday that I am getting my contract renewed. Not that I was worried that I wouldn't, but it is always nice when it is official. This time next year I am looking at getting tenured and then I will be able to start career ladder and finally get paid for all the extra hours I put in outside of my contract time. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Makenna and Bunnies

Makenna had her first modeling job this weekend. My mom volunteers with the local 4-H club and they are doing a fundraiser taking Easter pictures of kids with live rabbits. They needed a model for the promotional flyer and our little darling got to be the "poster child."