Sunday, February 28, 2010

Makenna's Day with the Rabbits

Today Makenna had her second annual photo shoot with live bunnies for a promotional flyer for my Mom's 4-H club.  They will be taking pictures a few weeks before Easter and Makenna was asked again this year to be a "model" for the promotion of the event.  I am going to try to edit the photos with my new Adobe Photoshop software before I post them, but there are some cute pictures of her and the rabbits.

Not much of anything else has been going on here in the Coffer household.  We all have spring fever and cannot wait to travel to Colorado for spring break in just three weeks.  It can't get her fast enough.  Have a good week.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

It is so hard to believe that Valentine's Day is already here.  The year is flying by.  Justin and I celebrated the holiday one day early and all I can say is that we had a fabulous day.  We had already exchanged gifts.  Or maybe I should say that Justin purchased him something he wanted really bad and told me it was his Valentine's gift so he told me to do the same.  He got a pedal tuner for his guitar that also does all these other special effects and I got Adobe Photoshop so I edit all the photos I take with my SLR camera.  YIPPEE. 

Anyways, the morning began with us taking Makenna to Bolivar.  My mom had volunteered to watch her, but unexpectedly she had a meeting in Jeff City that was cancelled last weekend due to snow.  So, Uncle Trent got his first experience of watching the Little Miss for and extended amount of time and surprisingly both he and Makenna did very well--except for the fact he left her totally trash my parent's house with toys.  After dropping Makenna off, Justin and I headed to brunch.  There is a cute little place here is Springfield called Aunt Martha's Pancake House that neither one of us have ever been to and let me say we will definitely be going back.  After brunch we went shopping and then we headed downtown to Springfield Little Theater to see The King and I.  It was FANTASTI C.  I absolutely love all the productions done at SLT and I was so proud of Justin for getting us tickets--and yes he enjoys them, too.  We capped our day off with dinner at Millie's and then came home just to relax.  It was a great day.

Today we are headed to small group and church and then we are going to pick-up Makenna in Bolivar.  Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I must admit that I have the tendency to let small things bother me a whole lot more than they should.  This is something I have been trying to work on and it takes events like the one I experienced tonight to remind me that I should sweat the small stuff in life.

For some reason, I volunteered to decorate two sheet cakes for our annual Valentine's dance at school.  I have been dreading doing this because I have a lot on my plate right now.  I was in the middle of making the icing for them about 5 o'clock this evening when my cell phone rang.  I immediately washed my hands, and seeing that it was a co-worker and friend of mine, John, I answered it.  I figured it was something about the after school program that we do together, but when I answered the phone I knew something was wrong.  He told me that his best friend, Josh, who is also a co-worker had been in a terrible accident where he was ejected from his vehicle and was airlifted to the hospital.  He told me to start praying and I told him to keep me posted.  After hanging up, I immediately lifted Josh up in prayer and with knots in my stomach waited for John to call me back when he had any further information.  Thirty minutes later John texted me to let me know Josh was talking and all vitals were good.  He then called me and told me that Josh has a broken hip, was very sore, and has a long recovery ahead of him.  We talked about how God was watching over Josh and we praised the Lord His protection.

The events of tonight have really made me realize that I let small, trivial things in life bother me and thus, I lose focus on the important things in my life.  Life is so precious and no one is guaranteed tomorrow.  While I am still hurting for Josh and the recovery he has ahead of him, I thank God that He was there in this situation.  I also praise God that he used Josh's wreak the remind me that I need to let the small things go and be thankful for what He has given me.   I even praise him for the ability to decorate cakes for a middle school dance. ;)