Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast with Dora and Diego

This morning we headed out early for Silver Dollar City.  For Kid's Fest, they are having special breakfast each weekend with different popular cartoon characters and when we found out Dora and Diego were the featured characters this weekend, we decided to go.  Makenna was a bit scared at first, but then warmed up to them and even gave Dora a high-five.  The whole event was a bit unorganized, but Makenna enjoyed herself and that is all that matters.  We were the last people to get pictures with D and D before they went on a 15 minute break (which didn't make sense to us because there were only two more kids behind us in line that were at the breakfast), but as we were walking away Makenna said, "Bye, Dora" and Dora waved back.  It was pretty cute.

Makenna eating breakfast

Makenna posing for a picture
Makenna thinking about giving Dora a five
Justin and Makenna with Dora, Boots, and Diego

 Dora waving bye to Makenna

Like I said the breakfast was kind of chaotic, but we are glad we went.  It just prepared us for when we take the kids to Disney World and do a character breakfast there.

We don't have any plans for the rest of the weekend besides church tomorrow morning.  We will probably catch up on housework since we haven't been home all week due to sports camp at church (it is our version of VBS) and who knows what else. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

22 Weeks

Today, I am officially 22 weeks and things are going great. I had a check-up appointment today and Dr. Williams said everything looks great. I go back in 5 weeks for the glucose test which isn't fun, but that just means we are getting closer to meeting our little guy. Makenna is very excited now about her baby brother and she even talks to him sometimes.

I had some time between school and my appointment so I stopped by a fabric store just to look at material. I have decided that with the help of my mom I am going to make some burp cloths and bibs and I found some CUTE fabric for the burp cloths. I can't wait to attempt making them.

If you read my last post you remember me mentioning how we got unexpected good news, but I couldn't go into much detail. Well, now I can say that since everything has become official I can share that Justin got a merit-based promotion at work. I am SO proud of him.

I only have 7 more days of summer school and then 4 days of curriculum work and then it will officially be vacation time for me. Justin and I are looking forward to our babymoon/5-year anniversary trip to Chicago in the of next month.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Unexpected Surprises

I absolutely love it when something unexpected happens and I realize that it is a total blessing from God. Today, the Coffer family got some very exciting news and although I can't go into great detail about it (or at least not yet), I can say that God is good and it is in situations like this when I feel bad that I ever doubted His control over our lives.

This weekend is my 10-year class reunion and tomorrow will be spent catching up with my high school classmates during a family gathering at the park and an evening dinner in downtown Springfield. We have a good family friend, Leah, coming to watch Makenna--this will only be the second time we have had someone other than family watch Makenna. Then on Sunday, we are going to church, taking Leah to lunch to celebrate her recent birthday, and then taking her home in Bolivar. It will be an eventful, busy weekend. I will try to post pics after soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's A.......


We are very excited and Makenna is getting used to the idea of having a brother instead of a sister. We can't wait to meet our little guy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A boy or a girl?

We find out tomorrow and we are so excited! Makenna is dead set that see is going to have a baby sister. Guess, we will know at this time tomorrow. We will definitely let everyone know.