Friday, August 27, 2010

Exhausted and Glad It's the Weekend

After the first full week of school I can say that I am just plum exhausted.  The first few weeks of the new school year usually wear me out, but this year seems to be worse, but at elast I have a good reason.  Hopefully I can rest up over the weekend.  Makenna has a birthday party to go to tomorrow afternoon, but that is really all we have planned.  It isn't completely finished yet, but Makenna is loving her new room.  I will post pictures as soon as we get some things up on the wall.  She loves her big bed and she now understands that her crib is going to be Beckham's.  Our next task, or should I say Justin's next task is to get Beckham's room painted.  Pictures to come..stay tuned.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Beginning of Another Year

I can't believe that tomorrow I will begin my sixth year of teaching.  I am excited to meet my new students, but I am sad that summer is over.  However, I just have to remember that in about two months I will get to spend some extra time at home with my two precious children--that really sounds crazy to say two--so the anticipation of that will get me through the first part of the year.  This is also the last year for about 18 years or so (excluding college) that I won't have a child beginning school.  This time next year Makenna will hopefully be starting pre-school.  That is so crazy to think about, but at least it isn't kindergarten yet. :)

I also had a doctors appointment today and everything is still going great.  Dr. Williams even commented on how active Beckham seems to be because he was moving and kicking around like crazy.  We just pray that everything continues to go smoothly and that we have a healthy baby in about two months.  And just FYI, my prediction is that Beckham will arrive on October 24th.  Justin predicts Oct. 17th.

In addition to tomorrow being my first day of school, Makenna also has a big day--she is going to the state fair with her nana.  She is super excited to see all the animals and I heard there might be some plans to ride a few rides as well.  I will report on how her experience was and what all she say about it.  I am sure she will come up with some funny things to say.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Makenna Says the Darndest Things

I just had to post about what Makenna said today--if for no other reason so that we wouldn't forget.  I need to write these in her baby book because quite frankly, they are some of the funniest things she has ever said.

First off, we were getting ready to leave the house this evening.  Justin and Makenna were in our master bathroom when Makenna pointed to one of the toothbrushes and said, "That is Jesus' toothbrush."  Earlier today after singing Jesus Loves Me, we had a discussion how Jesus/God lives in our house.  I guess she thought since He lived here he needed a toothbrush.

While driving home tonight, Makenna was whining that she wanted to watch TV.  I explained to her that when we got home it would be time to go to bed, which just upset her more.  She kept the little fit going and finally Justin told her that if she didn't quit she wouldn't get to watch TV for a while.  She quickly responded, "No, I am talking to Mom.  Stop it Dad!"  It was all Justin and I could do to keep from laughing.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chicago Pictures

Finally here are some pictures from our trip.

Our hotel--The Sutton Place

The Hancock Building

Justin had to take his picture here

Pizza from Gino's--we liked Lou Manalti's A LOT better

Lake Michigan and part of the Chicago Skyline

Outside Shedd Aquarium at Lake Michigan

Another view of the Chicago Skyline

Soldier Field and some creepy artwork in a park that Justin had to have his picture taken by

Another building and the Eyeball exhibit

The famous Chicago and Ford Theaters

Getting ready to go on the skydeck at Willis tower (formerly Sears Tower)--If you look closely at the picture on the left you will see the glass skydecks that we were about the walk out on--they are approximately 1,400 feet high

View from the skydeck and my standing out on it for the first time--it really wasn't as bad as I thought

Looking out from the skydeck and Justin stepping out on it

The two of us 1,400 feet high over Chicago

Another view from the top of Willis Tower

Looking down from the skydeck

Navy Pier

View of Chicago from our boat ride

Another view of the Chicago Skyline--the tall building in the middle is Willis tower where we went out on the skydeck

Justin soaking up some rays on the boat ride

Navy Pier
Famous Wrigley Field and each of us standing in front of it

                                                          The Bean--A famous landmark of Chicago

A picture of our reflection in the Bean on the left and a cool picture taken from underneath it on the right

The Bean and Justin in front of Chicago Theater again--one of his favorite bands Widespread Panic was playing there

The Latest Coffer Happenings

I am currently uploading and editing pictures, so I will post some pics as soon as that is done.  This task has taken longer than expected because my previous photoshop account wasn't working properly for some reason, so I had to create a new one and transfer all the pictures from the past year since I got my new camera over to the new account.  Hopefully by later today I will be done with our Chicago pics and post them.  Here are some other things that have been going on lately:

-Makenna and I have been having "school" on a daily basis.  We are simply working on improving things she already knows, such as her ABCs (she still sometimes skips some letters), numbers 0-20, and colors. 

-My grandma had to be put in a nursing home this week.  She fell 4 times in 2 days, so we all know this is the best thing for her.  Currently, this is only temporary and she will go back home in 20 days.  I hope that she is able to receive some quality physical therapy that will allow her to gain some strength back and thus, allow her to be able to go back home.  I know she doesn't want to be in a nursing home, but we just want to do what is best for her.  Time will tell if this is a possibility.

-I had a doctors appointment and everything was fine.  I am going every 2 weeks now, so that just means we are getting closer to meeting precious little Beckham.

-Speaking of Beckham, the bedding for his nursery arrived, so that means work will soon begin on getting it ready for his arrival.  We are moving Makenna into the spare bedroom, so the nursery will stay the same--minus the pink.  Click here to see the bedding. 

-Last week, we ordered a new furniture set for our master bedroom.  So needless to say, we will be busy moving furniture, etc. here very soon.  Justin will also be busy painting and completing his ever growing to-do-list over the next few weeks.  I have tried to teach him about procrastination, but it really hasn't done any good.

-Justin has class all weekend to become a soccer official for the local soccer club.  He has been wanting to do this for a while, but just hasn't done it (remember the above reference to his tendency to procratinate.)   If he passes the test on Sunday, he will be able to officiate soccer games in the evenings or on weekends.  It will be nice for him to do something he enjoys and make a little money at the same time.